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Asia Pacific Biochar Conference, Gold Coast, 17-20 May by Griffith Hack
February 6, 2009, 1:27 pm
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The Australia New Zealand Biochar Researchers Network and the Japanese Biochar Initiative are pleased to announce the first Asia Pacific Biochar Conference to be held this year at the Gold Coast. The conference will include speakers from the Asia Pacific region on the latest scientific research and business opportunities for development of the biochar industry.

Biochar is defined as the stable carbon-rich product that results from heating biomass materials (such as municipal green waste, poultry litter, forestry and agricultural residues) in limited oxygen charcoal created by pyrolysis of biomass.

Diagram illustrating carbon negative bioenergy on website

Diagram illustrating "carbon negative" bioenergy on website

The Asia Pacific Biochar Conference will bring together academics, farmers, media, policy makers and industry from around the region. 

Confirmed invited speakers include Prof Tim Flannery (author of “The Weather Makers” and Australian of the Year, 2007) and Prof Johannes Lehmann, Cornell University USA (editor of the book “Biochar for Environmental Management”). Early bird registration is available on the website.


Australian scientists discover biomass & biochar benefits by Justin Blows
January 20, 2009, 9:56 am
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The first Asia-Pacific Biochar Conference will take place on the Gold Coast from 17–19 May 2009.

Heating biomass to generate synthetic gases has proven to be a great way to generate electricity without adding net greenhouse gas emissions.  But recently, scientists have realised that the bi-product, biochar, when added to soil both boasts soil fertility and sequesters carbon over the long term. 

Professor Tim Flannery has advocated the great potential of biochar’s multiple benefits. ‘The biochar approach provides a unique powerful solution, for it allows us to address food security, the fuel crisis and the climate problem, and all in an immensely practical manner.’

‘With the appropriate political and technical recognition, promotion and adoption, it will change our world forever, and very much for the better,’ he wrote.

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