Griffith Hack Clean & Sustainable Technologies



When we mapped our business we were pleasantly surprised by the technological spread, quality and calibre of our client base, and the depth of expertise we have in both clean and sustainable technologies. We currently act for clients in the broad fields of energy abatement and management, sequestration, alternative energy sources and water re-use.


Our clients are leading Australian organisations that are researching and developing clean and sustainable technologies such as CSIRO, the Universities of Sydney, Melbourne, NSW, WA and Wollongong, RMIT, Sydney University of Technology, GridX Power, CSR Edmonds, USSS, Arup Engineering, Ecoflex, Cool Energy, C02CRC Technologies, Ocean Nourishment & Sulu Sea  Nourishment Corporations, Dolomatrix Ltd, Hunwick Consultants, Windworks Engineering and Chromasun Inc.

We work with a range of projects that have a positive environmental effect and, in particular, for clients such as Solar Systems Pty Ltd (currently building a $420 million, 154 MW solar power station in north west Victoria), Solar Heat and Power (AUSRA – currently building the largest US solar thermal power plant (700 MW) having the world’s highest capacity), and Spark Solar (Australia’s first manufacturer of solar photovoltaic cells).


The team regularly provides patent, trade marks and intellectual property law advice to companies ranging from start-ups to large corporations and research organisations in all areas of clean and sustainable technologies including the fields of energy abatement, carbon sequestration and alternative energy sources, and including the following specific technologies:

  • Efficient structures including buildings
  • Thermal solar power
  • Wind power
  • Photovoltaic cell technology
  • Carbon credits and trading
  • Biological, physical and chemical carbon capture and storage
  • Advanced electricity storage
  • Hydroelectric and tidal power generation
  • Efficient power generation
  • Carbon neutral and environmentally safe industrial processes
  • Biofuel production
  • Energy harvesting
  • Pyrolyses of organics
  • Recycling of organics and other materials
  • Thermal recycling
  • Water purification and treatment
  • Environmental impact monitoring
  • Natural ventilation systems
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Combined heat and power, trigeneration
  • Water re-use technologies

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