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The 4th annual Hot Rock Energy conference by Griffith Hack
April 15, 2009, 2:25 pm
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Since their inaugural event in October 2004 – the first ever national gathering of the geothermal sector, they have been supplying this fast-growing industry with vital information on geo-scientific data, project updates, investment opportunities, technology challenges, international, national and state perspectives.

With prospective geothermal resources identified in every Australian state, the potential for this clean base-load energy in Australia is enormous. And a great contributor to the country energy mix.

For further information on the 4th annual Hot Rock Energy conference, please click on the below link:


Carbon Reduction & Trading Conference & Expo by Griffith Hack

Carbon Reduction & Trading ConferenceThe 2009 Carbon Reduction & Trading Conference & Expo are concurrently being held on 31 March to 2 April at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. The conference will see a comprehensive line up of industry leaders, including Griffith Hack’s own Geraldine Farrell who is presenting on a legal panel, “The Legal Challenges of a Low Carbon Economy”.

Geraldine Farrell, Special Counsel, IP Law GroupGeraldine, who is Special Counsel within the Griffith Hack IP Law Group, will join other panelists in disussing why law is fundamental to reducing emissions and why more research is needed on the full range of climate law and policy issues including energy law, regulation of transport and forestry emissions, international climate law and climate litigation.

Geraldine will be presenting on Day 2, 1 April. Registration for the conference is available online.

5th AustralAsian Cleantech Forum, 1-2 April, Melbourne by Griffith Hack
February 13, 2009, 7:59 am
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5th Australasian CleanTechThe 5th AustralAsian Cleantech Forum is being held on 1-2 April at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne. The conference brings together numerous local and international cleantech innovators, investors, entrepreneurs and policy makers. Early bird registration is available until 2 March.

Asia Pacific Biochar Conference, Gold Coast, 17-20 May by Griffith Hack
February 6, 2009, 1:27 pm
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The Australia New Zealand Biochar Researchers Network and the Japanese Biochar Initiative are pleased to announce the first Asia Pacific Biochar Conference to be held this year at the Gold Coast. The conference will include speakers from the Asia Pacific region on the latest scientific research and business opportunities for development of the biochar industry.

Biochar is defined as the stable carbon-rich product that results from heating biomass materials (such as municipal green waste, poultry litter, forestry and agricultural residues) in limited oxygen charcoal created by pyrolysis of biomass.

Diagram illustrating carbon negative bioenergy on website

Diagram illustrating "carbon negative" bioenergy on website

The Asia Pacific Biochar Conference will bring together academics, farmers, media, policy makers and industry from around the region. 

Confirmed invited speakers include Prof Tim Flannery (author of “The Weather Makers” and Australian of the Year, 2007) and Prof Johannes Lehmann, Cornell University USA (editor of the book “Biochar for Environmental Management”). Early bird registration is available on the website.

Banksia Environmental Awards by Griffith Hack
February 6, 2009, 12:31 pm
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Banksia AwardsThe 2009 Banksia Environmental Awards are now open for submissions. The awards comprise of ten separate categories reflecting the sustainability issues most relevant to Australia coming into the 21st Century. The entry kit is available for download on the Banksia website and details eligibility, how to enter, and other relevant information.

5th Australia-New Zealand Climate Change & Business Conference by Griffith Hack
February 5, 2009, 1:01 pm
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Climate Change & Business ConferenceThe 5th Australia-New Zealand Climate Change & Business Conference is being held in Melbourne on 24-26 August 2009. Information is now available on the website include the conference program which covers subjects such as regulated carbon markets, voluntary carbon markets, and compliance issues in Australia and New Zealand. Registration will be available on the website from March.

Carbon Market Expo Australasia 2008, 30-31 October by Griffith Hack
October 17, 2008, 1:06 pm
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Australia’s first conference for carbon market participants & service providers across Australasia, the Carbon Market Expo Australasia 2008, is being held on 30-31 October 2008 on the Gold Coast. Griffith Hack will have representatives attending the event.

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