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Whether or not you agree that man’s contribution to climate change is significant, everyone understands the urgent need to clean up the planet and better utilise its resources. The timing for clean and sustainable technologies to make a substantial contribution in this regard has never been better. However, as with previous technology paradigms, the protection and commercialisation of these technologies presents new and unforeseen challenges. Strong IP (and especially patents) must account for the new and evolving technological, economic and legislative landscapes. That’s where Griffith Hack’s expert professionals can assist.

Clean and sustainable technologies are also being commercialised in a competitive business environment. It is Australian Government policy to encourage markets and enterprises to generate new technologies and to change operational practices to mitigate climate change. A patent is an effective instrument for protecting an enterprise’s investment in R&D and to prevent commercialisation by others, riding on innovators’ coat tails. A well drafted patent can also provide leverage during the commercialisation phase of a new clean or sustainable technology. In addition, registered trade marks and domain names protect the associated brands in the market place.

Whilst Government incentives are important to encourage and support innovation of clean and sustainable technologies, it is essential that they are viable commercially.  Intellectual property is a central contributor to commercial viability – that’s why we help you capture and protect your clean and green IP. We can also help you understand the IP landscape in which your technology sits, and help you navigate this effectively.

Download the Clean & Sustainable Technologies Group flyer here (PDF, 1.34MB)

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