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French invention draws water from air by Justin Blows
August 31, 2010, 3:26 pm
Filed under: Feature

This report is about a system that condenses water vapour from air: “First we harness the energy of the wind to make electricity, which is used to motor an air conditioning system in which the humidity of the air is condensed to produce water.” The machine sucks air into a system that cools a series of plates on which the humidity of the air condenses, forming water which flows into a collecting tank. “This is nothing more than a machine that makes rain,”

The inventor, Marc Parent, is unequivocal about the importance of IP to his company, Eolewater, especially in terms of attracting investment partners. “Intellectual property is indispensible,” he said, “it is the key to the vault”. This cannot be done single-handedly, he stressed; finance and industrial partners are needed. Investors, he discovered, were only interested if they could see that the machine worked and if they were sure the technology had been patented. “Without patents there are no investors, no commercialization,” he said. “Without a patent it is not possible to make an innovative solution like this operational. Without a patent you can’t attract investors, or clients to buy the right to manufacture this machine in different countries. They won’t do it without the assurance, the certainty of having an exclusive right in the technology.”

Justin Blows


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