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Building integrated Solar PV – looking good! by Justin Blows
June 21, 2010, 10:20 am
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I was stunned how good building integrated solar PV (BIPV) can look when I stumbled across these pictures of PV panels integrated into roof tiles.

BIPV by Tegolasolare - can you see the PV panels?

A closer look

 These tiles are produced by Tegolasolare.  Adjacent tiles are electrically connected.  The technology is apparently  protected by patent applications, but on a casual search I could not find them.

Have a look at this amazing building which is really PV integrated.

Installation of traditional solar modules, that are not building integrated, and their supporting structures are approximately half the cost of a domestic-sized PV system. Many companies are attempting to integrate PV modules into building products because this eliminates some materials and labour, reducing the total system cost. Konarka, for example, is using inkjet technology to produce plastic photovoltaic sheets that it will then integrate into, for example, windows, skylights, handrails, shades, and façades. Another company, Red Solar, is developing a thin-film cadmium telluride PV system for asphalt shingled sloped roofs. The system is “plug-and-play” and “snap-in/snap-out”.

One third of all greenhouse gas emissions are associated with buildings, and integrating PV may significantly reduce building emissions. Additionally, a building having integrated PV may be more aesthetically acceptable than a building retrofitted with PV panels. Aesthetics are important to many people who may otherwise not purchase a PV system. Integrated PV may significantly increase building value.

Justin Blows


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