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LinkedIn Group: Australasian Renewable Energy Professionals by Griffith Hack
May 4, 2010, 12:10 pm
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Shaun Colley Principal at Ecofficiency started:

Is JI an alternative to CPRS?

A question to all the carbon experts in this group. I am aware that Australia has not signed up to host projects that would qualify for the generation of carbon credits under the UN’s JI (Joint Initiative) program. Given that the government has delayed the introduction of our own CPRS is there anything to stop the government from changing this stance so that projects in Australia could get access to an additional economic driver. Appreciate your thoughts, Shaun.

Robert Richardson Industry Adviser at Australian stated:

From a theoretical perspective, perhaps the answer is that developed countries only sell emissions reductions when they don’t need them to comply with their own Kyoto targets. So the East Europeans have sold them because they met their targets anyway through massive economic down turn in the nineties. I think all JI projects have been done in East Europe.

Ken Chan
CEO at Global Green Partnerships
Founder & CEO at Climate & Energy Technology Exchange

Ken: I am from Melbourne and spend 75% of my time in China driving initiatives for JI/CDM projects. Australia has climate friendly technologies that can be used to drive JI/CDM projects in China/Asia and I have been talking to and working with local governments on all sides. I believe using Australian climate friendly technologies will have so many benefits, like financial benefits for the technologies companies, investors, companies with carbon responsibilities and more importantly creation of mass employment- yes mass employment. The Rudd government ought to give incentives for Aussie companies to drive this forward.

Rob Wulff
Principal, Griffith Hack
Clean & Sustainable Technologies Group Leader

Rob: Ken – I’d be keen to know which Australian climate friendly technologies you believe can be used to drive JI/CDM projects in China/Asia. We can disseminate this information to our online community.
Ken: Robert, Generally any climate friendly technology like the ones already accepted, like wind, solar, hydro, bio mass..etc. I am presently looking at wave and tidal, (even clean coal initiatives for coal fired plants and the more difficult ones in BEE) for example. Not many low hanging fruits left, (like replacing incandescent with ESLs); now is the time for the tough ones to get going; and to address climate change at the next level.. Companies in Aust or the US ought to introduce and launch their technologies now – Now is a great time. The demand for renewable energy is enormous and the rewards even bigger. Cheers..Ken


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