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Interest in combined solar heat and power accelerating by Justin Blows
December 3, 2009, 9:40 am
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There are now several players who are working to capture the heat generated when sunlight falls on photovoltaic modules and then putting it to good use.

Chromasun is one such player patenting in this area.   An international patent application by Chromasun discloses concentrating solar light using compact Fresnel reflector onto a photovoltaic strip, behind which is a thermal solar receiver in which a liquid that receives the heat flows.

Chromosun’s web site suggests that this technology could be deployed on the roof tops of buildings, presumably including dwellings.

Mitsubishi, who is a big player in wind turbines, is developing a rooftop solar unit that they claim cam supply 65% of a household’s energy needs. According to this report, the product generates solar hot air and electricity. Air flow between the PV panel and a standard roof captures the heat. The air flow recovers heat from the solar panel side. By recovering the heat, it can then be used for household heating and hot water supply. Testing of a three kilowatt unit apparently verified that 65 percent of energy consumption in each household could be replaced by solar energy.

Justin Blows


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