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Cap price on carbon to stiffle cleantech innovation by Justin Blows
August 3, 2009, 1:13 pm
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I came across this interesting article predicting that the Australian government’s proposed cap on the price of carbon, initially at $10 per tonne CO2, will stifle deployment of renewable power generators such as wind and solar.

It is rather depressing that the federal government appears more interested in protecting the interests of emitters that encouraging clean power. 

But it is more than installed clean power capacity that will be stifled – investment in developing renewable energy technology in Australia will also be stifled if no one believes there is an incentive to improve renewable energy. 

Perhaps the government could read the Griffith Hack clean coal and solar innovation reports that show that we are woefully behind in backing our innovators in clean technologies. 

We just will not be in a position to capitalise on the booming demand for new technology unless the government gives a strong price signal, through strong carbon pricing, that there will be local strong demand for clean technology and money should be invested in it.  Garnaut’s report made it clear that the best incentive for encouraging innovation in this area was a strong carbon price.

Lets hope that things change soon.

Justin Blows


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