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Australia to fast tack cleantech patent applications by Justin Blows
July 9, 2009, 11:55 am
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I previously blogged on why patent applications for clean and sustainable technologies should be fast tracked through the Australian Patent Office.

I am pleased to say that in response to my request of them, the Australian Patent Office will now fast track any cleantech patent application on request.   The email I received from the office confirming this is copied below.

Australia will fast track cleantech patent applications

Australia will fast track cleantech patent applications

Justin Blows

Dear Dr Justin,

Thankyou for your email enquiry regarding the fast tracking of climate change mitigation technology, 11 June 2009. I understand that you have been advised that expedited examination under Regulation 3.17(2) is available to your clients for “fast tracking” applications by one of my colleagues and that I would be contacting you as well.
IP Australia has decided to make a formal notification on our Web page to this effect. You will see this notification in the information banner at in the coming weeks.

As you no doubt realise expedited examination is not unique to climate change mitigation technology however under this regulation if the Commissioner is satisfied that the expedited examination is either in the public interest or there are special circumstances that make it desirable it will be expedited.

In line with your request it is the opinion of the Commissioner that an application for climate change mitigation technology would satisfy the requirements of being in the public interest and hence such a request would be suitable. It is expected that in most technologies (depending on the current workload) that expedited examination request would be considered within around 4-8 weeks.

Yours Sincerely

Victor Portelli
General Manager
Patents and Plant Breeders Rights Group
IP Australia


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