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Australian Solar Innovation: Losing Our Place In The Sun by Griffith Hack

Griffith Hack is pleased to announce the launch of the report ‘Australian solar innovation: losing our place in the sun’.

We may be one of the world’s sunniest places, but analysis of solar energy patents filed during the past five years, highlight that Australia is at risk of missing out on the new gold rush involving clean and sustainable technologies.

Leading economists have already noted that clean energy technology has the potential to create wealth on the same scale as the introduction of the railways, electricity, cars and, more recently, IT.

The report ‘Australian Solar Innovation – Losing Our Place In The Sun’ finds that we are being left behind, in the race to properly protect the ideas that will drive economic benefits into the future.  

“Australia’s weak performance in the utilisation of solar power is at odds with the quality of our innovators,” the report notes. “We have produced the world’s first solar billionaire in Dr Zhengrong Shi  (who founded the Nasdaq-list Suntech), while Dr David Mills, formerly of the University of Sydney, founded the Californian company Ausra which is helping to lead solar innovation in the United States”

For the full report click here.

For further information on the report, please contact Mike Lloyd or Dr Justin Blows.

Mr Mike Lloyd 
IP Portfolio Management Consultant 
Clean & Sustainable Technologies Group 
Griffith Hack
Tel: 03 9243 8315  

Dr Justin Blows
Patent Attorney
Clean & Sustainable Technologies Group
Griffith Hack
Tel: 02 9925 5938
Mob: 0425 215 470


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