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GE and Siemens fight it out for Clean IP supremacy by Justin Blows
May 30, 2009, 4:31 pm
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If you think that big corporations are not protecting clean and sustainable technologies, think again.  General Electric is getting into this area in a big way, and they are fierce  advocates for a strong patent system to promote cleantech.  

As reported here,  Carl Horton, GE’s chief IP counsel explained that his firm has already made progress with its dedicated R&D stream for clean-energy solutions. ‘Innovative projects like those in GE’s Ecomagination initiative,’ he said, ‘prove that new energy technologies help fuel economic growth, create a new generation of green collar jobs, and help us be responsible environmental stewards.’

GE Battery

One of GE’s ecomagination products is a reciprocating engine that run off biogass (methane) from fermented animal waste.  As reported here, they are also working on the Smart Grid and batteries.  GE also is one of the major manufactures of wind turbines.

It’s a highly profitable enterprise, with reported revenues last year of US$17B.  No wonder they are keen to protect clean and sustainable technology!

Across the Atlantic, another industrial juggernaut, Siemens, is getting a little hot under the collar for the attention that GE is getting.  As reported here,  Siemens claims to have made US$26B in 2008 from cleantech products – and believes it is much better at it!

It appears that the big corporations are eyeing green stimulus packages in response to the global financial crises (GFC).  To many, these packages are a great way to address the GFC and climate change at the same time.

Justin Blows


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