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The Clean and Sustainable Gold Rush by Griffith Hack
October 1, 2008, 3:30 pm
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Dr Justin Blows – Patent Attorney, Griffith Hack
Justin outlines important patent strategies for innovators in climate change mitigation technologies, as well as associated trade mark issues. Justin drafts and prosecutes patents for clean and sustainable technologies, and provides patent validity and freedom to operate advice. Justin has authored more than 90 publications in the fields of science, engineering and patent law, including articles on the likely impact of carbon trading and other government policies on patent strategy.

Strategies for Protecting Clean and Sustainable Technologies – download the PowerPoint presentation by Dr Justin Blows (PPT, 2.08MB)

Seminar invitation: Clean and sustainable technologies: protecting intellectual property (PDF, 581KB)

Colin Chambers – CEO, GridX Power
Colin discusses GridX technology, how the technology responds to market requirements and drivers, and opportunities for clean and sustainable technologies now and in the future. GridX technology can generate sustainable energy on-site – connecting residential, commercial and industrial customers to a reliable energy supply that also delivers highly sought-after environmental concessions. GridX has won many national awards for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, whilst being mindful of the commercial imperatives that are required to attract financial partners. Colin co-founded GridX, and has maintained a continuous position of Managing Director or CEO for a number of companies of which he has either founded or co-founded for more than 40 years.

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